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Manifestation is not this ungraspable and difficult concept nor is it a 'woo-woo' idea that only hippies can comprehend. It's actually really simple and to summarize, manifesting is just a transference of energy; a law of nature that goes beyond human understanding. How and what we think or envision creates actual reality. ⁣

It's integral to trust the process and not to waste your energy worrying about the "how". Don't set any limits or doubts on yourself and all the magic that you can achieve. The universe will make it happen when it's time for it to happen. This is not something that is within your control. This also doesn't mean you rest on your laurels all day - inner and outer work are both necessary for you to put yourself in a space ready and open enough to receive the gift that the Universe wants to give. ⁣

Equally important is the need to have a deeply rooted belief that it WILL happen. Faith; in other words. It might sound too easy or too good to be true. But give it a try with your whole heart. Let your beautiful life unfold in front of your eyes 🧡🧡


Printed on 320gsm Matte Art Card Paper 

Measures 16 x 16cm