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- Tapestry Jacquard Blanket

- Polyester & Cotton Blend

- 'Love Can Save The World' Print



-  36" Tall

- 55" Wide



- Picnic Blanket

- Wall Hanging

- Cuddly times


We all co-exist in this world, deeply connected and intertwined with each other. What we embody and manifest pours out into this shared universe whether we like it or not. Sometimes we see our action's immediate impact and sometimes they ripple out in ways unfathomable to us. ⁣

Choosing to be love and to react with love in any given situation can be one of the most demanding choice we can be presented with. After all, isn't it easier to express our hate, jealousy, greed and other emotions when feeling that way? We need to identify that all those comes from the ego. ⁣

Baba Ram Dass said that only love comes from the soul and when we identify with your soul and not the ego, you live in a loving universe. The soul is like the sun, it brings out the beauty in each of us and people around you can feel it in our heart. ⁣

Your immediate surroundings become a better environment for all humans and other living things by you radiating love instead of ego-driven emotions. Imagine if we all started to live from our souls more!⁣

Love can save the world so start being the superhero we all need today ❤️