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In one of the sutras, Buddha was telling a disciple, Anan, about a blind turtle in the boundless sea who surfaced only once every hundred years. There was a log with a hole in it's center and the size of the hole fits the turtle's neck perfectly. He then asked Anan if the turtle could ever find himself stuck in the log. Logically, Anan said that was obviously impossible, to which Buddha replied 'To be born into this world as a human is infinitely more difficult than a blind turtle putting its face into the hole of the log".⁣

There is nothing in life too small to be grateful for. The simple fact that you are breathing and alive in a human body is one of the most immense and profound gifts we can have. Unlike a tree or an animal, we have the privilege to be conscious of ourselves and our actions. Don't take any of this for granted, the minutiae of your everyday life can be looked upon with appreciation.⁣

Practising gratitude, both in good and peaceful times and in moments of hardship and stress, will give us the inner strength to look forward in life with compassion, hope and love 💖


16 x 16cm 

Printed on 300gsm Art Card Paper