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Expanding your consciousness is a lifelong journey with no definitive end but there's so much to learn and grow along the path of betterment. It will help you to face your demons and reconnect with your inner self, however tough it may be. It will also help you to recognise the ✨Divine✨ in you and others, freeing your mind from prejudice and pain. It's the only way to attain true happiness and fulfilment within. ⁣⁣
There are tons of beneficial practises you can do; such as meditation, keeping a gratitude journal, or loving unconditionally and whole-heartedly. Sometimes, it is just as simple as consciously being present in every moment. This may seem far-fetched or impossible, but I simply invite you to take the first step through the door and see for yourself - the magic of life and the limitlessness of our Being ❤️🌈✨⁣

A3 size

Printed on 300gsm Art Card Paper

Comes with a mailing tube