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Self love is the gift that keeps on giving. Allow it to pour out of your being, empower it to overwhelm your soul. Accept your whole being - weaknesses and strengths alike.⁣

We all can create a more intimate and profound relationship with our inner existence through self love. When you fully love yourself, you act from a place of authencity and kindness, without any form of resistance or rejection. Naturally, everything else will fall into place, how can it not?⁣

Here are some of our favourite tips:⁣

✨Start taking care of your physical body (it's your one and only permanent home this life). Get enough exercise and sleep you need.⁣

✨Do not neglect your mental, spiritual health. Take all the me-time you need without feeling bad.⁣

✨See yourself as a best friend, not the enemy and definitely not as an obstruction to happiness.⁣

✨Cut off toxic situations and relationships.⁣

✨Trust your inner voice and intuition, it's always trying to align you with the flow. ⁣

There are endless ways we can easily practise self love this very moment. What are some of yours? Have you done them today yet? 💖


Printed on 320gsm Matte Art Card Paper 

Measures 16 x 16cm