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Watching Disney's 'Soul' made me shed a few tears. It reminded me of an awakening that I went through in my life few years ago. Growing up, making sense and meaning of Life used to keep me up at night. There were phases - first thinking that Life has no meaning, courtesy of Sartre, Nietzsche and Heidegger. It was freeing but ultimately it always felt like the point was being missed. ⁣

Then my ethos became the proverbial 'The meaning of Life is a life of Meaning'. Over time, I realised that this was still missing the point. Alan Watts reminded us to not mistake the finger pointing at the moon as the moon itself. ⁣

Simply, Life itself is the gift. Life itself is the point. Nothing is more trippy and psychedelic that the fact that Life, in all its form and play, exists at all rather than nothingness. Magic can be found in each and every moment so as long as you live in it and to recognise the divinity of it all. 🌞⁣

I know that this is a lifelong journey and I'm excited for it all, starting this very moment!⁣

What do you think? I'm sure everyone has their own unique belief and I would love to hear from you 💕


Printed on 320gsm Matte Art Card Paper 

Measures 16 x 16cm