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Do you ever feel completely drained, zapped of energy and feel like all you want to do is curl up in bed? 😢⁣

We live in a fast-paced world that values productivity more than anything else. We are often so focused on a goal set in the future and it’s so easy to get caught up with chasing external growth. Be it a pay raise, instagram followers, a job promotion, numbers on a scale, that we forget how much it’s taken for us to get to where we are. ⁣

Let’s just zoom out for a little bit, and see it all from a larger perspective. You are the forefront of an extremely long ancestral lineage. Your ancestors have gone through so much for you to even be here. The odds were stacked against your existence but here you are! 🎆⁣

If you’ve been in a slump all week, and haven’t been productive at all, don't worry and cut yourself some slack. Simply recognise and allow yourself to be what you need to be in this moment. That itself is growth too.⁣

I’ve been feeling rather out of it lately, and listening to @allisonfilice’s The Friendly Unknown podcast with @morganharpernicols conversation on Growth was just the message i needed to receive. I hope you manage to find space, and take all the time you need to rest and take care of your self! Unclench your jaw and take deep belly breaths. It’s okay to just slow down 💕

Printed on 320gsm Matte Art Card Paper 

Measures 16 x 16cm