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Opening your heart is the first step towards a deep awakening of your soul’s sacred nature. However, embarking on this journey may seem daunting and ungraspable. Many of us may even struggle to find out where or how to begin this process where dreams and possibilities are infinite and boundless.⁣

Simply try to let go of the need to know everything. Drop away from your mind and into your heart. As you focus on the light glowing in your heart, you will realise that it’s always been there waiting for you.⁣

Your external reality is a direct manifestation of your internal world. It is therefore so important to notice what your attention and awareness is fixated on. ⁣

This is why it's so important to tune in and listen to yourself with intent and love - your inner voice is never misdirected. Approach life with positivity and optimism. This helps to attract these vibrations into your life! 🌞🌈


Printed on 320gsm Matte Art Card Paper 

Measures 16 x 16cm